Window Cleaning


Window cleaning is a multistep process that involves removing dirt, dust, and debris, using special tools and products. The first step is to use a soft brush or a vacuum to remove the dirt and dust from the window frame and sills. Then, a squeegee and a cleaning solution are used to remove any stubborn dirt from the glass. Finally, the window is dried with a lintfree cloth or squeegee, to avoid streaks and smears. Depending on the type of window and the level of dirt, additional steps may be necessary, such as scraping or applying a sealant.


Mavericks Pressure Washing offers topnotch window cleaning services for your home or business. We use the latest and most reliable technology to provide an impeccable clean for your windows. Our experienced staff is trained in the latest window cleaning techniques to ensure a streakfree finish. Our window cleaning services can be tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you need a onetime cleaning or ongoing maintenance. We use ecofriendly cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and wont damage your windows. We guarantee that our window cleaning services will leave your windows sparkling and your property looking great. Contact us today to learn more about our window cleaning services.

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